Plots of Land for Sale in South Wales, North West England & East Anglia


We currently have a number of plots of land for sale.

South Wales  

The plots in South Wales are being sold directly by Ballard Homes. For more information please contact Steve Gibbins, Land Manager. 

North West England 

We regularly have plots of land for sale which we normally put into auction. To view the types of plots we have sold in the past please click on this link.

We currently have 3 plots of land for sale in North West England. which will go to auction with Pugh & Co on 20th February 2018.

Lot 62

Lot 81

Lot 97



A substantial plot of land is due to go to auction on 17th April 2018. Click here for more details

East Anglia 

We currently have no plots of land for sale in East Anglia.